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The aluminum foil rolling machine is an automatic bonding, rewinding and cutting aluminum foil machine developed for foreign equipment and domestic demand. Suitable for the separation of household foils. Aluminum foil is used for preservation, barbecue, cleaning, etc.


Slitting machine The equipment used in the textile industry to cut into flat strips. There are two types of flail slitting machines (single knife and double knife) and flat knife slitting machines. The mulcher slitting machine includes a longitudinal cutting mechanism composed of an upper knife and a lower knife, and a cross cutting mechanism composed of a rotary long knife and a fixed bottom knife. It can cut 6-10 paper rolls at the same time. The flat-knife slitting machine has a lifting knife on the platform, which cuts the sheet of paper to the specified size.


Slitting machine, microcomputer slitting machine, automatic cutting tape, FPC cutting machine working principle and design, the entire cutting system of the computer slitting machine completes automatic feeding, automatic sizing, automatic cutting and automatic measurement, and it improves consumption High efficiency and high economic benefits.


What is a slitting machine, I believe many people do not know very well, Jane is actually a kind of equipment for material processing, because the invention and use of this equipment can not only improve the efficiency of slicing, but also improve the uniformity of slicing. sheet.