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Slitting machine manufacturers teach you to maintain the cutter
release time:2020-09-11Views:483

    In order to give full play to the excellent characteristics of the automatic slitting machine, after a period of use, the customer should immediately check the damage of the cutter head. If the blade is found to be damaged severely, sharpen the knife immediately. When sharpening a knife, because different people have different skills, one basic element should be mastered as a whole, which is to wear the wounds equally. Pay attention to the flatness of the cutter head of the large and medium-sized trademark logo slitting machine. In the whole process of the specific incision, the central and southern parts of the cutter head are used more and the wear is more serious. Therefore, when sharpening the knife, pay attention to the balance of the automatic slitting machine to prevent the wound from forming a crescent shape after a long application time. , Endangering the cutting quality.
    The process of sharpening the cutter head of the large and medium-sized trademark logo slitting machine:
1. Put the cutter head on this rough surface test bench so that it is not easy to shoot during the whole process of grinding.
2. Take an appropriate amount of dilute grease or liquid paraffin on the surface of the terrazzo and spread it evenly to facilitate the increase in the relative density of friction.
3. Install the collet and knife holder on the slicing knife so that the cutting edge is forward, and lay flat on the surface of the terrazzo. During the whole process of sharpening the knives, the staff's hands should be kept in a proper position, and they should be well-balanced to facilitate dragging.
    Generally, you use your left hand to hold part of the collet of the cutter head of the automatic slitter, and the right hand to hold the knife shell, with the blade housing facing the sharpener directly in front, and move the slicing knife from the lower right edge of the terrazzo to the upper left of the terrazzo. Push forward obliquely to the heel of the knife and rotate the cutting edge from above. In the whole process of sharpening the knife should pay attention to the appropriate range, pay attention to the whole process of continuous sharpening, the automatic slitting machine knife should be used.
    Common problems of the automatic slitting machine of Wanying machinery equipment after finishing work: 1. Rotate the handle of the large and medium-sized trademark logo slitting machine, raise the specimen collection clip to the position immediately, and rotate the handle to stop the rotation of the rocker. , And lock the specimen collection clip and handle together. 2. Take out the cutting head immediately from the knife table, clean it and place it in the knife box. 3. Collect the specimen from the trademark collection clip produced by the trademark logo slitting machine and take it out immediately. 4. Remove the debris cut on the automatic slitting machine. 5. It means to clean up the entire equipment of the automatic slitting machine.
    Note: People must be very careful when using the slicing knife. Because the cutting edge is very sharp, if the operation is wrong, it will definitely cause more serious damage. You can’t immediately touch the cutting head with force. Don't randomly pile the cutter heads.