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The development history of slitting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:686

     The first generation of ultrasonic simple slitting machine effectively solves the phenomenon of burrs, wire drawing and loose ends cut with scissors. The machine is simple to operate and the product process is beautiful. The simple slitting machine cannot be fully automated.

     Therefore, while selling the simple slitting machine, the company started the research and development of the second-generation ultrasonic automatic slitting machine. The automatic slitting machine uses the peak position of the ultrasonic longitudinal wave to transfer the amplitude to the working surface of the welding head. When the welding head and the tool pressurize the material, the molecules in the contact parts of the two will collide with each other to melt, and the materials at the contact position are fused. Achieve the effect of cutting and sewing. Multiple strips are cut at the same time, with higher precision and faster speed. The length compensation function of the fully automatic slitting machine improves the cutting precision and can be used for ultrasonic cutting of band-shaped materials with greater elasticity.

     The machine adopts PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, simple, fast and efficient length adjustment, and can cut multiple strips at the same time; the machine head is designed with gantry type, the pressure is balanced and stable, and the cutting is more stable. No need for special personnel to operate, higher production efficiency. The fully automatic ultrasonic slitting machine realizes fully automated production, which can greatly reduce labor and improve production efficiency, and the product quality is high. "The original simple slitting machine requires a dedicated operation by one person. After the fully automatic slitting machine is developed, no special person is required to operate it. The machine is set up and can be automated, and the production efficiency is greatly improved."

     Now, the automatic slitting machine has been promoted. market. At the same time, according to the individual needs of the market and customers, Yibai has also developed an ultrasonic rotary slitting machine and an ultrasonic cutting and punching machine. Ultrasonic tape cutting equipment is widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, luggage manufacturing, craft decorations, packaging and other industries.