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Slitting machine design principle and maintenance knowledge
release time:2020-09-11Views:561

    We know that product performance and quality are often related to its design. If there are some unreasonable problems in the design of the slitting machine, it may cause some failures in future use and cause inconvenience to users. So what are the main aspects of so-called irrational design?
1. In the design process, the thickness of the hole cover of our slitting machine is not enough, so it is prone to deformation problems after the bolts are tightened, resulting in uneven surface and even oil leakage from the contact gap.
2. There is no oil return groove on the body. In this way, lubricating oil tends to accumulate in the shaft seal, end cover, joint surface, etc. Under the pressure difference, it will leak from the gap.
3. Too much lubricating oil is added, so when the slitting machine is in normal operation, the oil pool is agitated seriously, causing the machine to splash oil everywhere. If the amount of oil is too much, it will also cause leakage.
4. The design of shaft seal structure is unreasonable. For example, in the early days, oil grooves and felt ring sealing structures were used more frequently, so compression deformation problems were prone to occur during assembly.
5. The maintenance method is unreasonable. When the slitting machine has some abnormal conditions, we need to repair it in time. If the dirt on the surface is not completely removed, or the wrong sealant and the opposite side of the seal are selected, it may also cause oil leakage.
In short, in the design, we need to consider many aspects of the problem, only in this way can we ensure that the designed slitting machine has excellent performance and reduce the probability of failure in future use, otherwise it will seriously affect.

      Whether the quality of Wanying mechanical slitting machine is qualified, we can see from the following aspects:
1. Look at the quality of the slitting machine blade, because the blade is the main factor affecting the slitting machine. It will affect the service life and slicing speed of the machine. Of course, there are many types of slitting machines, and the corresponding prices are also different. Users should choose a suitable slitting machine according to their own production conditions, either expensive or good .
2. The number of motors in the slitting machine manufacturer and the material of the motors.
3. How the blade operates and whether the design is humane. To increase the use time of the slitting machine, it is necessary to do regular maintenance and lubricate the slitting machine. The oil injection hole of the slitter is generally filled with the specified oil. For detailed instructions, please refer to the manual. Ordinary oil cannot be used because it will cause damage to the machine and affect its service life.
       The working principle of the slitting machine is still simple. It mainly uses the sharper cutting surface of the slitting machine to slice materials or objects in proportion, and is more commonly used in pharmaceuticals or other industries. Different slitting machines have different ways and uses for slicing. For example, the tissue or cells need to be processed in the experiment, and the observation work of the entire experiment needs to be completed under a microscope, mainly for optical The slitting machine under the microscope is divided into two types: sliding type and rotary type. Of course, in the papermaking industry, Ningbo slitting machines are also used. There are three different types of slitting machines: drum, cutter and spiral. Among them, the cutter head is mainly composed of organic shell. , Transmission device, cutter head and feeding trough, etc., and the working principle is mainly to use a heavier cutter head. The cutter head here mainly functions as a flywheel, which is mainly to stabilize the entire slice.
       There is also a less common one, which is to cut the polymer strip into the shape of particles, which requires the use of a special slitting machine. The main composition of this special slitting machine is: a rotating cutter head , Guide bar, pressure roller and feeding roller. The working principle is mainly that the cutter head is mainly driven by a stepless frequency converter, and the input roller is mainly driven by the cutter head for gear conversion. , But the cutter head will be adjusted according to the size of the particles.

Working environment of the slitting machine:
1. The power supply must be AC220--240V and safely grounded;
2. The machine is placed in a dry, ventilated and well-lit place;
3. There is no corrosive product where the machine is placed;

Below we introduce how to repair and maintain Ningbo slitting machine:
1. Operate in strict accordance with the operating regulations.
2. Add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the lubrication chart every time before starting the machine. The oil should be clean and free of precipitation.
3. The machine tool must always be kept clean, and the unpainted part must be anti-rust grease.
4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and refilled regularly, and the electrical part should be regularly checked for normal, safe and reliable operation.
5. Regularly check whether the V-belt, handle, knob, and buttons of the fully automatic gluing and folding machine are damaged. If they are severely worn, they should be replaced in time, and the spare parts should be reported for supplement.
6. Regularly check and repair switches, insurances, and handles to ensure reliable operation.
7. 10 minutes before the end of get off work every day, lubricate and scrub the machine tool of the automatic gluing and folding machine.
8. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment, and it must be stopped by people off the machine. The slitting machine is widely used in scientific research, teaching, chemical, health and other units, specializing in cutting fresh or fixed animal and plant specimens, especially fresh brain tissue. The tissue specimens do not need to be frozen or embedded when sliced ​​by the slitter. For this reason, the sample slices avoid ice crystal damage, and can also maintain the sample activity and good cell morphology, which is useful for "immunocytochemistry research" and "neurobiology of spinal cord and brain slices." "Science research" provides good conditions and is an ideal slicing instrument for rapid sample preparation in contemporary experimental systems such as electron microscopy, anatomy, embryos, physiology, hospitals, and chemical engineering. Ningbo slitting machine has been certified by Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Peking University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University and other units. The slitting machine cuts fixed brain and spinal cord tissues. The thinness can be cut to 10 microns. The brain, heart, kidney and other tissues can be cut as thin as 30 microns, and the slices are complete, one-sided smooth, and evenly stained. Generally speaking, the operation of the slitting machine includes two parts: starting up and slicing. Turn on the power of the cutting machine host, turn on the switch, and use the box temperature setting button to set the temperature required for slicing. At this time, the temperature display window will simultaneously display the set temperature. After setting, the actual temperature will appear after 5 seconds. At the same time, we can also check the set temperature at any time.