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Practical Encyclopedia of Slitting Machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:504

     In order to give full play to the good performance of the slitting machine, after a period of use, the user should check the blade wear in time. If the blade is found to be severely worn, sharpen the knife in time. When sharpening a knife, different people have different methods, but as a whole,
one basic principle should be grind to the same balance. Also pay attention to the flatness of the blades of the large trademark slitting machine. In the actual slicing process, the middle part of the blade is used more and is seriously worn. Therefore, when sharpening the knife, pay attention to the balance of the slitter to avoid the crescent shape of the knife edge after long use, which affects the quality of the slice.
The steps of sharpening the blade of the large-scale trademark slitting machine:
1. Put the blade on a rough surface test bench so that it will not run during the grinding process.
2. Add appropriate amount of dilute lubricating oil or liquid paraffin on the surface of the grindstone and wipe it evenly to increase the friction density.
3. Install the knife handle and knife holder on the slicing knife so that the knife edge is forward and lay flat on the grindstone surface. During the whole process of sharpening, the staff's hands should be kept in proper position, and the force should be even and easy to slide. Usually, you use your right hand to grasp the handle of the slitter blade, and your left hand to grasp the knife shell, with the blade facing the front of the sharpener, and push the slicing knife diagonally forward from the lower right corner of the grindstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone To the heel of the knife, flip the blade from above. In the process of sharpening the knife, you should pay attention to it. Pay attention to the cutting machine knife in the process of repeated sharpening.
Precautions for mechanical slitting machine after finishing work:
1. Rotate the hand wheel of the large-scale trademark slitting machine, raise the specimen holder directly to the position, and turn the hand wheel to stop the handle, and at the same time place the specimen holder and The handwheels are all locked.
2. Remove the cutting blade directly from the knife holder, wipe it clean, and place it in the knife box.
3. Remove the specimen directly from the specimen holder of the trademark slitting machine manufacturer.
Fourth, clean up the slicing debris on the slitting machine.
Fifth, it is to clean the slitting machine. Note: When using the slicing knife, we must be very careful, because the blade is very sharp, and it will cause serious injury if it is mishandled. You should not directly touch the cutting blade with your hands, and you should not touch the cutting blade. Randomly placed.
What are your concerns about the computer slitting machine? The large-scale trademark slitting machine is a mechanical production automation equipment. The computer slitting machine can quickly realize the traditional craft sewing with high speed and high power, and it can also make it impossible to achieve "multi-level, multi-function, and uniformity." And the request of perfection, it is a multi-functional high-tech computer slitting machine. So what are the problems that everyone is worried about: uneven stitches, no after-sales guarantee, unaffordable price, not easy operation, trademark slitting machine
Can solve these troubles for you. The computer slitting machine adopts a lifting presser foot, which can automatically adjust the height of the presser foot when the sewing material is not high or low to ensure a smooth sewing effect. The pattern-making device adopts a high-definition LCD color screen, Full Chinese display, support for computer-made patterns, simple and convenient operation. It saves 3 times of labor and improves work efficiency. Strong stability. It can adapt to various difficult actions. Our company has pre-sales and after-sales technical teams. Free training packages, education packages, nationwide warranty Life-long maintenance.
The characteristics of the crystal slitting machine:
1. The large trademark slitting machine is very compact in the whole structure, so it occupies a relatively small area;
2. It adopts the atomized cooling method and the overall cooling effect Good;
three, the drum is high in accuracy;
four, the trademark slitting machine uses multiple sets of scrapers, which is more flexible in adjustment;
five, there is also a side scraper, which avoids the side of the drum Material accumulation occurs at the position;
6. The slitting machine adopts a half-pipe jacketed material tray;
7. The stepless speed regulation method is used, and both the speed and the drum can be flexibly adjusted;
8. The whole adaptation The range is very wide, the operation is flexible and simple;
9. It has a variety of functions, which can carry out agglomeration and can also complete the drying processing. The slitting machine may encounter different abnormal phenomena in the working process, if it cannot be solved in time , It will quickly affect the slicing effect, and may also cause damage to the slitting machine.
The following editor will introduce to you the common problems and corresponding solutions of large trademark slitting machine manufacturers. The slitting machine does not move smoothly. At this time, you can add lubricating oil to the moving shaft of the slitting machine. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, inject low-temperature resistant oil; at the same time, properly adjust the slitting machine moving direction. The jacking screw under the shaft. If there is vibration or slight noise during the working process of the label slitting machine, first check whether its workbench is stable and whether the machine is placed flat; then check whether the machine bolts are loose, check whether the moving part of the machine is used up, and check whether the blades are loose Wait. When the slitter is slicing, the machine is weak, which may be caused by the aging phenomenon of its capacitor, so check the capacitor of the slitter and repair it in time according to the actual situation, so that the slitter returns to the normal and stable working process .
The slitting machine produced by a qualified manufacturer can achieve multiple functions in one machine, as long as it is equipped with different molds, it can produce products of different specifications, and the product has uniform density and high strength. The design of the slitter itself also has many advantages. For example, its shell is made of plastic-sprayed and stainless steel, and the cutter is made of steel, which is both wear-resistant and durable.
What is the problem of the slitting machine that cannot be turned off and the knife does not stop?
How to solve it:
1. The power line of the trademark slitting machine is abnormal. Use an external power supply to supply power to the slitting machine. Use an electrical connection meter to check to see if the indication changes If there is no change, it is likely that the power-on line is broken or the power-on button is in poor contact.
2. The power supply circuit of the battery is abnormal: use the external interface to supply power to the slitting machine, and see if it returns to normal when it is turned on. If it is normal, it is determined that the power supply circuit of the slitting machine is abnormal.
3. The IC of the power supply of the slitting machine is abnormal: test on the test point of the peripheral circuit of the power supply IC according to the circuit schematic diagram to see if the test value is normal.
4. The system clock and reset of the trademark slitting machine are abnormal: you can use the dual-master oscilloscope to check the CPU power supply of the slitting machine to check whether the waveform during reset is correct.
5. Problems with the logic circuit: that is, the failure of the circuit board of the slitting machine. Generally, this problem can be solved by repairing welding.
6. Software conflict: The installed software does not match the system of the slitting machine, which may cause the slitting machine to fail to boot. You can connect the slitting machine to the computer to delete the program.