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Features of hot and cold microcomputer slitting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:506

    Microcomputer automatic hot and cold slitting machine, slitting machine, fully intelligent hot and cold laser pipe cutting machine, balloon flower ribbon cutting machine, silicone hose automatic cutting machine, computer slitting machine, hot and cold cutting machine, hot and cold laser The pipe cutting machine is easy to use, has a wide range of applications, high disconnection quality, and can be cut with cold and hot knives.


The microcomputer automatic hot and cold slitting machine has given characteristics:

1. High speed: 80-100 pieces can be disconnected per minute (take 50mm length as an example).

2. High precision: every time it is disconnected, the servo motor monitor is used to ensure the high accuracy of each actual operation.

3. Leveling of the disconnected surface: The hot knife can perform high-temperature heat sealing on the disconnected surface of various chemical fiber colorful ribbons and lightweight textile tapes, and the sealing is leveled without burrs. There is no need to wrap the raw materials, and it can be cut immediately without heating.

4. It can automatically cut various tubular, strip and strip raw materials at a fixed length. The product is simple and easy to use, saving a lot of capital investment.

5. The cutting edge is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plate through a unique solution, and has a long service life.

   Fully automatic actual operation: Just set the length and total number of disconnections you need, and other tasks are performed automatically.

   Memory function: Before the power switch is turned off, the set value of disconnection length, total disconnection and disconnection rate are automatically stored.

6. The machine adopts fully intelligent CNC machine tools, equipped with servo motor feeding and reducer to operate the hob. Set the cutting length of raw materials, the total number of cuttings, and the feeding rate at will. High precision, faster, less loss, smooth cutting

7. For raw materials with a small total width, it is possible to keep several rules of breaking together and breaking together.


The microcomputer automatic hot and cold slitting machine is suitable for the disconnection of the following raw materials: copper braided belt, polyester webbing, colorful ribbons, backpack belts, safety belts, cotton belts; webbing; copper braided belts; needle ropes; hooked elastic belts; leather Product belt; safety belt; round rope; elastic band; underwear belt; wax rope; bra belt; checkered belt; organza belt, schoolbag belt; cable tie; backpack belt; trouser belt; edging belt; retractable belt; Polyester cloth belt; rubber rope; ribbon; plastic zipper; silk ribbon; luggage leather belt; craft product belt; wave pattern belt; longitudinal pattern belt; color strip; ribbon; 3-ply or multi-core twisted rope; snow yarn belt Satin belt; Bead sail belt; Trademark and logo belt; Rope belt; Jacquard belt; Cotton rope; Mother and mother belt; Horse spring belt; Elastic belt; Balloon flower ribbon; Fabric sofa belt; Elastic rope; Fabric belt; Strap; shoelace; nylon cable tie; weft digital animation belt; cotton belt; hollow rope; functional cotton fiber; round rubber band; mobile phone rope; nylon fiber belt; computer jacquard belt; polypropylene cloth belt, computer cable, Velcro Belt, cotton yarn belt, elastic belt, plastic belt, zipper, PVC waterproof casing, heat shrinkable tube, yellow wax tube, waterproof casing for rechargeable battery, silicone hose, glass fiber tube, Teflon waterproof casing, cable row , Small cable, conductive cloth/foam, battery baffle, nickel sheet, external diffusion sheet, reflective mask, foam tape, Mylar, insulating paper, PE, copper/aluminum platinum, wire row, release paper cutting Cut T2 copper sheet, aluminum block, plastic sheet, foam tape, rechargeable battery waterproof casing, nickel sheet, pole piece, tab, insulating paper, metal material sheet, rechargeable battery waterproof casing, PVC tube, infusion tube, Insulating paper, mica sheet, self-adhesive paper, electrical grade, conductive cloth/foam, highland barley paper, fast paper, polyimide tape, copper/aluminum platinum, decorative strips, push strips, decorative strips for leather products, leather Disconnect production and processing of product push strips, composite cloth decorative strips, and composite bra strips. Available manufacturing industries: Microcomputer automatic hot and cold slitting machine is generally applicable to semiconductor industry, clothing industry, automobile and motorcycle parts manufacturing industry, household appliances, electric motors, small toys, artwork manufacturing, embroidery manufacturing industry, handmade crafts, leather processing, and transformation Electrical appliances and other manufacturing industries.