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Explanation of the new cutting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:497

The plastic tape cutting machine of the utility model is designed to plan for the existing similar technologies in the slow tape cutting speed, unshakable drive operation, easy mechanical interception, and poor synchronization of bag tape conveying and bag cutting actions.


Technical solution points: from the knife holder fixed on the bag cutting device of the plastic woven bag slitting machine, the electric cutting knife slidably fitted on the knife holder, the driver installed on the bag cutting device, and the electric cutting device connected to the The transmission part between the knife and the driver is composed of a stepping motor or a servo motor. The transmission part is matched with a preference wheel on the bag cutting device by a migration changer, a driving push-pull rod with one end sleeved on the preference wheel, One end is connected with the cutting knife push-pull rod of the electric cutting knife, the slitting machine is sold, and the connecting piece is connected between the other end of the driving push-pull rod and the other end of the cutter push-pull rod, and the driver and the preference are connected as a transmission connection. The steering mechanism of the woven bag machine The steering mechanism of the woven bag machine sweeps a clamping device and is fixed on the transmission belt through the groove to clamp and move the bag body blank material to form a rotary movement. The clamping device sweeps a A fixed block arranged on the end surface of the transmission belt and a jaw set on the front end surface of the fixed block. The fixed block is provided with pivot plates on both sides, and the pivot plates form a convex arc part facing forward. The outer end surface of the convex arc part is peripheral edge The horizontal end and the lower part of the pivot plate are separately provided with first and second supporting rods extending outward, and the first and


The composition of the second woven bag. The composition of the stable slitting machine woven bag is mainly composed of PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), but generally composed of PP. PP material is extracted from petroleum, The Chinese name of the slitting machine is polypropylene, commonly known as Baizhe glue. PP (polypropylene) is made by using Ziegler-Natta catalyst to catalyze the polymerization of propylene monomer. It is a crystalline isotactic polymer with very regular arrangement of molecular chains. PP (polypropylene) can be divided into isotactic PP (polypropylene) and random PP (polypropylene) according to its crystallinity. Isotactic polypropylene is a highly crystalline thermoplastic resin with a crystallinity of over 95% and a molecular weight of 8- Between 150,000; Atactic polypropylene is an amorphous, slightly viscous white waxy substance at room temperature, with a low molecular weight, between 3000 and 10,000, with irregular structure and lack of cohesion, so it is rarely used. The commonly used PP raw material is isotactic polypropylene. Now the price of petroleum and crude oil has risen in the world, leading to the rise of PP raw materials and the cost of woven bags. PE material is also extracted from petroleum, and is mostly used in the inner bag of woven bags.

It can also be blown and drawn like PP to make PE woven bags. The price of PE materials has also risen along with the price of petroleum and crude oil. The stable slitting machine is one of the domestic plastic woven packaging equipment developed by our company’s professional technical team based on market demand. It has won the national invention patent. Correction, fixed-length tape cutting, cold and hot cutting knife only takes 30 seconds, bottom sewing, printing, counting, and bag collection in one medium-sized fully automated equipment, high degree of automation, one person, one machine, simple operation, this machine adopts computer PLC control Change the bag length, change the bag of different specifications, the adjustment is simple and quick, the system automatically calculates the proportional coefficient, and the printing of different lengths of sheets can be completed without changing the rollers, and the front and back sides can be formed at one time. The slitting, slitting, and slitting can be converted mutually. One machine with multiple functions, high efficiency and energy saving.


Features of slitting machine:


1. Suitable for various market bags, such as feed bags, fertilizer bags, flour bags, etc.

2. The unique structure design of the alloy cutter head of this machine is superior to the traditional scissors cutting belt, faster, and not easy to block the bag

3. Pneumatic venting and hand-punching device can be installed

4. Double power for bag cutting, smooth bag delivery, neat cut and easy opening

5. The stainless steel panel is beautiful and runs smoothly.


Repair and maintenance of woven bag slitting machine and automatic slitting machine:


1. Establish rules and regulations for machine maintenance. Offset printing machine maintenance should be based on the machine's instructions. Such as regular oil change, filter cleaning, regular inspection of machine accuracy, etc.


2. Slitting machine sales strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are important parts of the slitting machine. Their maintenance should be different from other parts, because their accuracy changes will affect the final. Springs are used in many parts of the machine for force balancing mechanisms. Their working quality directly determines the accuracy of the matching of the moving parts. The spring must be sensitive and elastic, and the aeroelasticity and irreversible plastic deformation are important to the work of the spring. Extremely disadvantageous. If the above problems are found, the spring needs to be replaced immediately. The hazards of solvent residues in the printing process.


3. Carry out technical reforms and strengthen machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requires the convenience of machine maintenance in the design of the machine. However, due to the complexity of the woven bag slitting machine and automatic slitting machine, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account, and the environment changes, the content of machine maintenance will also change. Therefore, those structures that are not conducive to machine maintenance should be improved without affecting normal work.