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Introduction of slitting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:649

       What is a slitting machine, I believe many people do not know very well, Jane is actually a kind of equipment for material processing, because the invention and use of this equipment can not only improve the efficiency of slicing, but also improve the uniformity of slicing. sheet. Therefore, in modern society, the scope of use of slitting machines is also expanding. With the continuous deepening of slitting machines, how to use slices correctly, the thickness of the plate mainly depends on the gap between the blade and the scale plate, so if workers need In the process of using the slitting machine to adjust the thickness of the slices, then the thickness of the blade needs to be adjusted to a larger first, and then the required thickness is reduced. The main purpose of this is to eliminate the transmission gap. The staff of the slitting machine manufacturer said that if the meat is too hard or too hard when slicing the meat, the potato chips are greatly improved, so the staff defrosts the frozen meat.


       The automatic slitting machine is a new type of slicing equipment. Because the equipment adopts an automatic control system instead of manual control, compared with the slicing equipment, the efficiency and slicing accuracy of the automatic slitting machine are very high, because the cutting machine is mainly used For cutting B. Steamed buns, so in order to ensure that the cutting speed is not affected, it is very necessary for the relevant personnel to do a good job in the maintenance of the cutting machine blade. Over time, the original sharp circular blade edge will gradually become blunt, and then the staff needs to work inside. Time to sharpen the knife. In order to ensure the effect of sharpening the knife, before sharpening the knife, the relevant personnel first need to leave a stain on the blade, and then re-grind the knife with the distribution of the knife. When the blade is sharpened, the worker needs to bring the grinding wheel to a proper height, then rotate the F or 180 degrees, then lock the knob, and then start the grinding tool. The worker needs to ensure that the end face and the cutting edge of the grinding wheel are parallel. If not, workers can adjust the upper limit of sharpening.


        The automatic slitting machine is actually an upgraded version of the slitting machine. Because the slitting machine is equipped with an automatic control system, the slicing efficiency and slicing safety of the slitting machine are very large compared with the traditional slitting machine. However, if you want To ensure a better use effect, the operator needs to pay attention to some problems during the use of the automatic slitting machine. Before the machine enters the power system, the staff needs to check the integrity of the equipment circuit and the grounding conditions, and It can be used without problems. After starting the machine, workers need to observe whether the equipment exists before and after feeding. If this is the case, they need to stop the machine in time, do a good job of analysis and troubleshooting, that is, use the automatic cutting machine to slice the material, and the staff should do the inspection work of the cutting machine, meat handling and other parts in time. If parts are found to fall off or are severely worn, tighten or replace them in time.


       What is a slitting machine, I believe that many people do not know very well, this is actually a kind of equipment used for material slicing, because this kind of equipment has the advantages of convenient use, high safety, low operation difficulty, etc., in modern industry And L. For people, the application range is very wide, but if companies or businessmen want to maximize the advantages of this kind of slitting machine, then they must find a suitable location in the first step of installing the machine , And in order to facilitate the installation and operation, the relevant personnel should choose a sturdy flat plate as the working plane during installation. The staff first needs to check the performance and quantity of the equipment parts. If parts are missing, etc., the relevant personnel need to contact the manufacturer in time to request replacement of the equipment. If the slitter is a one-way power supply, the staff also need to use a one-way plug. In order to ensure safety, the staff must pay attention to their work.