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Application and maintenance of slitting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:475

Slitting machine, microcomputer slitting machine, automatic cutting tape, FPC cutting machine working principle and design, the entire cutting system of the computer slitting machine completes automatic feeding, automatic sizing, automatic cutting and automatic measurement, and it improves consumption High efficiency and high economic benefits.

The automatic slitting machine is mainly controlled by a microcomputer, an automatic feeding mechanism, a belt feeding mechanism and a cutting mechanism. The microcomputer controller is used to collect the set value and send out various control signals. The control center, the automatic feeding mechanism is used for automatic feeding. It consists of a fixed bracket, an AC motor and a controller. The fixed bracket is used to fix the disk-shaped data and is driven by an AC motor. The controller is used to control the motor to complete the automatic feeding. Action. The belt feeding mechanism is used to feed the sheared data into the knife edge to stop cutting. It consists of two rubber rollers, of which the upper roller is a driven roller, which can be rotated and the copper wall and iron wall are fixed on a bracket, which is flexible relative to the frame Elastic joint, it adjusts the pressure between the two rollers. The lower roller is fixed to the frame and is driven to rotate by a stepping motor;

the pressure between the upper and lower rollers causes the material to be fed with the rotation of the lower roller, with the shutters The purpose of quantitative delivery. The cutting mechanism is used to cut data. It is composed of a driving mechanism and upper and lower blades.

The upper blade is driven by a motor to complete the cutting action. This action is also used as the basis for cutting counting. In this way, under the control of the microcomputer controller, all departments work in harmony, and the cutting system can automatically complete the tape cutting function without unmanned operation.

Regulations on Simple Defect Removal and Service Sale of Automatic Cutting Machine and Computer Slicer

1. Turn on the power switch, the panel does not show up and the light is on. The fuse may be damaged. Please change the fuse to meet the specifications.
2. The cutter keeps cutting and when there is no feeding, set the proximity switch to the proximity sensor screw, but do not touch each other. It still doesn't work. It may be that the proximity switch is damaged, or the computer box is damaged.
3. The length of the cut data varies:
1) The pressure of the upper roller is too small, adjust the pressure nut to increase the pressure
2) The fixing screw of the feeding motor is loose, and the screw is tightened
3) The top wire of the lower roller pulley is loose or the feeding motor pulley If the top thread is loose, tighten the top thread.
4) Cut more than two pieces at the same time, and when the cut lengths of the two pieces are different, adjust the pressure on both sides of the upper roller to make the two pieces equal in length.
5) When the feeding motor vibrates when feeding, instead of smoothly moving, it is a fault in the drive box. Please change the drive box.
4. Press the start button and the machine has no action
1) If one of the pre-cut length and the pre-cut quantity is set to 0, the machine will not operate, please set the correct value.
2) The pre-cut quantity is the same as the already-cut quantity, please press the zero key Return to 0.
3) All of the above methods are invalid, it is the computer case.
5. When using heat cutting, the belt cannot be cut:
1) The blade is chipped or blunt, please sharpen it or change the
knife. 2) The cut of the lower pad is too deep, please Change the shim.
3) The power of heating copper is reduced and the heating speed is slow. Check the ampere meter and change the heating copper.
4) The set temperature is too low, please increase the temperature.
5) The data is too thick, reset the number of cutters.
6. Use a cold knife to cut data from time to time:
1) Whether the blade is chipped or dull, please grind or change the knife .
2) Partially broken, partly from time to time, please place a piece of paper on the back of the knife from time to time.
3) Adjust the blade gap screw, first loosen the nut, then screw in the screw, and then fix the nut, please pay attention! When the screw is screwed to the end, the gap plate may be crushed, which directly affects the up and down movement of the carriage.