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Working principle of slitting machine
release time:2020-09-11Views:533

Slitting machine The equipment used in the textile industry to cut into flat strips. There are two types of flail slitting machines (single knife and double knife) and flat knife slitting machines. The mulcher slitting machine includes a longitudinal cutting mechanism composed of an upper knife and a lower knife, and a cross cutting mechanism composed of a rotary long knife and a fixed bottom knife. It can cut 6-10 paper rolls at the same time. The flat-knife slitting machine has a lifting knife on the platform, which cuts the sheet of paper to the specified size. Used to cut large sheets of paper into smaller sizes.

Working principle: 
1. The principle of the slitting machine is the "guillotine" principle, but the term is called the paper cutter.   
2. The cutting direction is not straight up and down, but diagonally.   
3. The paper cutter has a pair of hydraulic cylinders ( (Or cylinder) drive   
4. Paper cutting has a front push plate to control the cutting width   
5. Current slitting machines are all computer-controlled motors with pulleys, pulleys with electronic clutches, clutches with knife bodies, and hydraulic cylinders with oil pressure , The cylinder with a tie rod, the tie rod pulls the paper press to press the paper, the dual hydraulic computer slitter comes down, and the cutter comes down to cut the paper. Now the program-controlled slitting machine is not so complicated.