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Microcomputer Controlled standard copper foil slitting machine
The equipment adopts German Siemens PLC control system, integrated machine design, easy to install, rewinding and unwinding on the same side, convenient for operation observation and driving unloading (reverse structure can also be customized according to customer needs, and CCD detection position is reserved); The diameter of unwinding and unwinding is calculated independently, no need to input the material thickness, the calculation accuracy of the roll diameter is ±1mm, the set number of meters will automatically decelerate and stop, and the unwinding will automatically decelerate and stop without material. The raw material is rolled up and automatically enters the host, saving time and effort; the unwinding is controlled by a servo motor, the tension signal is fed back, the running tension is stable, the unwinding mechanism is designed according to the size of the winding roll of the foil machine; the host adopts a set of servo motor drive and traction Pressure roller, precision knife groove roller, power small round knife is used for slitting, the slitting end surface is smooth and flat, no color difference, no burr, slitting part is equipped with dust suction device, winding is controlled by two sets of servo motors, winding tension signal feedback , The taper tension can be set, and the side material is automatically unloaded, which is convenient and quick. The electrical components of the equipment adopt well-known domestic and foreign brands, with high degree of automation, humanized operation, high efficiency, low noise, and stable performance.