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Microcomputer Controlled lithium battery aluminum foil slitting machine
WY SL-1300M

The equipment is suitable for slitting, stripping, trimming and rewinding of aluminum foil for power supply and digital lithium battery

Applicable products/industry applications

Power lithium battery, digital lithium battery, pure aluminum foil used in electronic products, etc.

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Product Details

Performance and characteristics

1) the equipment adopts German Siemens PLC and Siemens frequency converter, and forms topology network through PROFINET field bus to enhance system stability and reliability. Through the HD real color touch screen (HMI) for human-computer interaction, the operation interface is simple and convenient.

2) the equipment is equipped with two sets of take-up mechanisms, which are powered by a set of asynchronous servomotors respectively. The winding tension is adjusted automatically according to the change of winding diameter and the set taper. The winding has the function of acceleration and deceleration and friction automatic compensation, which can automatically compensate the tension in the winding process, so as to make the winding tension stable and even. Equipped with tension change trend chart, you can view the tension change trend under different taper, convenient to analyze the rationality of taper and tension setting. The motor speed is automatically adjusted as the winding diameter increases, and the speed of each axis of the synchronous equipment is synchronized. It can be reeled in different diameters at the same time.

3) the unwinding tension has the function of automatic compensation, including acceleration and deceleration compensation, inertia compensation and friction compensation, so that the unwinding tension is stable.

4) the operation does not need to input the thickness of the material, and the diameter of winding and unwinding is calculated automatically, with an accuracy of ≤± 1mm.

5) the equipment has a variety of automatic stop functions. When the winding diameter and meter number reach the set stop diameter and meter number, it will automatically slow down and stop; when the winding is broken, it will automatically stop; the automatic stop has alarm prompt.

6) the system has the function of formula, which can save the production parameters of multiple groups of materials with different specifications, which can be directly called when using, so as to facilitat

Technical parameter

1. Machine working speed: 0-300m/min
2. Effective width of unwinding: 1300mm (can be customized according to customer needs)
3. The inner diameter of the tube core: 3" (76mm) 6" (152mm) (optional)
4. Unwinding diameter: ≤ Φ800mm
5. Unwinding weight: ≤1500kg
6. Rewinding diameter: ≤ 650mm
7. Cutting material thickness: 0.006mm-0.02mm
8. Slitting width: 200mm-1300mm (adjustable)
Note: The above technical parameters can be customized according to customer needs