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Microcomputer Controlled mica tape slitting machine

The equipment is suitable for slitting, trimming and rewinding MICAPEA and composite insulation materials

Applicable products/industry applications

Motor mica tape, cable mica tape and aluminum paper composite foil, aluminum paper tape, DMD, DM insulation paper, etc.

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Product Details

Performance and characteristics

The equipment adopts the German Siemens PLC control system, 10" touch screen, three sets of servo motors with servo drives to control the main traction and automatic winding tension, and the air-cooled magnetic powder brake system controls the unwinding tension and unwinding hydraulic pressure during the slitting process. Automatic feeding;

Automatically decelerate and stop when it reaches the meter, and automatically decelerate and stop when unwinding to a small coil diameter, automatically calculate the diameter of rewinding and unwinding, and the diameter tolerance is ±1mm;

The rewinding method is central surface rewinding, and it can also be single-shaft rewinding. The rewinding shaft adopts a dedicated air shaft or mechanical shaft;

The slitting adopts straight knife or disc knife, and the corresponding knife can be selected for different thickness materials, and the slitting width can be adjusted arbitrarily;

The system adopts high-reliability electrical components, simple wiring, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, high efficiency, low noise and other advantages;

Technical parameter

1. Machine working speed: 0-250m/min
2. Effective width of unwinding: 600mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
3. Tube core inner diameter: 3 "(76mm)/6" (152mm) (optional)
4. Unwinding diameter: ≤Φ800mm
5. Unwinding weight: ≤200kg
6. Rewinding diameter: ≤650mm
7. Cutting material thickness: 0.03mm-0.5mm
8. Slitting width: 5mm-600mm (adjustable)
Note: The above technical parameters can be customized according to customer needs