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Microcomputer Controlled Dry Aluminum-plastic Composite Machine
WY DRY-1000M

This equipment is suitable for the compounding of aluminum and plastic, plastic and plastic, single color coloring and PET coating hot melt adhesive.

Applicable products/industry applications

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Product Details

Performance and characteristics

The equipment adopts the German Siemens PLC control system, 10" touch screen, air-cooled magnetic powder brake system control: automatic tension for rewinding and unwinding, automatic deceleration and stop when reaching the meter, and automatic deceleration and stop for unwinding to small coil diameter, automatic calculation of rewinding Roll meters and winding diameter. Anilox roller transfer coating method, two sets of ultrasonic automatic correction system, magnetic powder brake to control the tension of the raw material, pneumatic pressure roller, pneumatic back pressure scraper, the motor controls the scraper left and right during glue coating Swing, uniform glue application, automatic glue circulation;

The oven cover is divided into two sections, each section is controlled by an independent cylinder to open and close, which is convenient for feeding and cleaning the guide rollers in the oven. The external electric heating tube is heated, and the hot air is blown into the oven by a fan;

The temperature of the oven is adjustable, the heat in the oven is recycled, and electricity is saved. An air convection system is installed at the entrance of the oven to discharge the initial volatilized solvent. The exhaust gas does not participate in the secondary circulation to ensure safety;

Compound roller heat conduction oil heating (temperature adjustable) oven with two-stage temperature control, all six sides of the oven are thickened with thermal insulation cotton, the opening and closing parts of the oven and the oven cover are equipped with double-layer sealing strips, and the side of the oven is equipped with aisles and protective fences ;

The protective fence is equipped with enclosures, which is beautiful and safe;

The system uses high-reliability electrical components, simple wiring, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, and easy operation;

Technical parameter

1. Working line speed: 0-150m/min
2. Effective composite width: 1000mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
3. Number of single composite layers: 2 layers
3. Unwinding diameter: ≤800mm
4. Rewinding diameter: ≤800mm
5. Oven temperature: ≤100℃
6. Oven length: 8m/10m/12/m (can be customized according to customer requirements)
7. Tube core inner diameter: 3" (76.2mm) / 6" (152.4mm) (optional)