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Semi-automatic Rewinder
WY RW-650S

It is suitable for rewinding, rewinding, and rewinding large reels into small rolls, or rewinding multiple small reels into large rolls, with uneven ends and flat rear ends.

Applicable products/industry applications

Applicable products: soft roll strip

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Product Details

Performance and characteristics

1. Frequency conversion speed regulation, manual/automatic tension control;

2. Ultrasonic automatic correction, transparent and opaque materials can be automatically detected without manual adjustment;

3. Automatic calculation of the number of meters, the number of meters can be set, the machine will stop automatically when the number of meters is reached, and it will stop automatically when the material is cut off;

Technical parameter

1. Machine working speed: 0-250m/min
2. Coil width: 5mm-50mm
3. Unwinding diameter: 650mm
4. Rewinding diameter: 650mm
5. Tube core inner diameter: 3"
6. Correction method: follow side
7. Power condition: three-phase 380V 50HZ